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Zolux Arabesque Aviary Mathilde

Zolux Arabesque Aviary Mathilde


The Zolux Arabesque Aviary Mathilde is a comfortable, spacious home for your bird. It is made from powder-coated galvanized steel and has a scratch-resistant surface that keeps the aviary looking new for years. The door lock makes it easy to access your pet without letting other animals into its space. This bird cage features three large panoramic windows that offer plenty of natural light and air circulation, making it easy to track your bird’s well-being while inside this enclosure.

This aviary is perfect for your birds comfort and safety. It includes 4 stainless steel bowls resistant to corrosion, an anti-tip system and is easy to fill. The wire shelf at the bottom avoids accidents and facilitates cleaning. 3 perches allow the bird to move around.

Key Features

Cleaning and hygiene 

The 2 drawers of the Zolux Arabesque Aviary Mathilde are large enough to hold all of your bird’s food and toys. Not only is this hygienic and easy to clean, but the drawers can be removed for a deep clean using hot water and soap.

If you have a large bird species such as an Amazon parrot or cockatoo, then this aviary will be perfect for them. It features plenty of space for them to fly around in without bumping into anything or knocking things over.


Perches are a crucial part of the aviary and are designed to allow your bird to move around. They are made from soft and resistant materials for optimal comfort. Perches placed at different heights allow the bird to move freely, allowing it to rest or play in any given area. The perches are easy to clean and hygienic, making them perfect for your pet!


Wire shelf 

The wire shelf at the bottom of this aviary is one of the most important features. This makes cleaning easy, which we all know is essential when caring for birds!

Zolux Arabesque Aviary Mathilde also comes with a bar at waist height so you can rest your hands or hold onto something while you’re working. This helps prevent accidents and makes cleaning much easier since there’s nowhere for dirt to hide in between wires!

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t get yourself an aviary soon—after all, who wouldn’t want their very own birdie pal?

Anti-tip system and easy to fill.

The Zolux Arabesque Aviary Mathilde includes 4 stainless steel bowls resistant to corrosion, an anti-tip system and is easy to fill. The bowl set comes with a base that has an anti-tip system and connects the bowls safely together.

Comfort and Safety

The Zolux Arabesque Aviary Mathilde is a good option for your bird’s health. It has an easy-to-clean design, with all corners and edges rounded so that nothing sharp can hurt your bird. It also has large spaces between bars, making it very easy for your bird to see out or even climb up or down from the cage.

Happy Environment.

This bird aviary is great for your birds and will keep them in a happy environment. It comes supplied with accessories such as 2 water containers, 2 stories, 5 perches and 2 drawers. It has a total of 4 casters which makes it very easy to move around when needed.


We hope that this article was helpful to you and that you will be able to find the right aviary for your bird. Let us know in a comment below if there is anything else we could have covered here or if you have any questions!

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