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All for Paws Chill Out Always Cool Dog Mat

AED 84AED 189
Special cooling gel inner lining keeps the mat surface cold even in hot summer. What you only need to do is simply let the dog lay on the cooling pad and watch his temperature decrease.  
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Quick Dry Outdoor Dog Mat

AED 118AED 376
The quick dry mat is perfect for going outdoor. Don't worry of getting it wet, it dry superfast with its plastic noodle mattress that keeps the air flowing. On top of that it keeps the dog cool when he is taking a nap.  
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Maxi Fetch Super Bounce Tennis Ball – 6 pcs

AED 55
These tennis ball are super bouncy for continued fun time with the dog.
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Ultrasonic Delirious Elephant

AED 44
The Delirious Elephant gives the pet the same sensation and enjoyment of traditional squeaky toys without the irritating noise for you. Because of its ultrasonic squeaker this toy can only be heard by dogs. Features:
  • Ultrasonic squeaker
  • Colorful style
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Tinkly Twins

AED 19
P>Cat will jump at the chance to get her paws on this tinkly twins. It is filled with catnip and features tinkly bell on the tail that is sure to keep the feline occupied. Features:
  • Multi-sensory toy
  • Tinkly bell on the tail
  • Non-toxic
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Sock Cuddler – Sock Wand Mouse

AED 23
Cat toy in the shape of a sock. Cat is sure to enjoy going in and coming out of sock, which feels like a tunnel. Comes with Catnip inside.
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Vintage Bed Grey

AED 82AED 137
Retro style comfortable bed for dog.  
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