Why your dog will love the Chill Out Always Cool Dog Mat

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Well, it is a hot season, isn’t it? There is just no denying the weather at the moment is stifling hot, which makes it pretty difficult for us people to be out and about enjoying ourselves. But if you are a dog owner, and if you have a Dog who spends their days indoors while you are out earning a crust, well then I’m sure your dog would love to use this mat as well.

What Is A Chill Out Dog Cooling Mat?

Have you ever noticed that when it’s hot outside, your dog prefers to lay on concrete or tile floors? This is so because carpets and wooden floorboards are warmer than tiles and concrete.

The same thing is done for your dog with a dog cooling mat, with the added benefit of keeping your dog cooler for longer.

Although they all serve the same goal, there are various varieties of dog cooling mats.

How Do Chill Out Dog Cooling Mats Work

The AFP Pet Cooling Mat is a popular dog mat in the UAE. It’s designed to stay 5-10 degrees cooler than room temperature, features a non-toxic gel, and is easy to clean.

What Is Inside Pet Cooling Mats?

Depending on the kind of cooling mat you buy, a pet cooling mat may or may not have certain items. There are only basic cooling mats inside, which you fill with tap water.

Other cooling mats contain specific chemical fillers. They can maintain a colder temperature for a longer period of time, but if your dog chews on the mat and consumes the gel, they could pose a health risk.

Having said that, be aware that even a cooling pad filled with water might be harmful to your dog’s health if he enjoys chewing and digesting objects that he shouldn’t be consuming.

If that describes your dog, don’t let it have anything that shouldn’t be eaten alone. Manage their surroundings to keep them secure, and discuss your next steps with your veterinarian or dog trainer.

How Do You Use A Dog Cooling Mat?

Your dog must lay on a dog cooling mat for it to function. Dogs are creatures of habit, so it’s possible that your dog won’t immediately know what to do with a cooling mat. There are a few things you can do to assist your dog, though.

To make the cooling pad more engaging, you may try placing toys and snacks on it. Every time your dog lies down on the mat, compliment them and reward them with a goodie. Your dog may decide to lie on the cooling mat whenever they are feeling hot to assist them to cool down once they have used it a few times and learned that it is a chilly surface.

Are Dog Cooling Mats Safe?

Most often, cooling mats are a great and secure option for dog owners to keep their pups cool on hot days. If chewed and digested by dogs, anything can be dangerous. It’s advised to keep an eye on your dog at first, and if you’re hesitant, it’s advisable to talk to your veterinarian or a dog trainer.


If you are a dog owner and if you have a pooch who spends their days at home while you are out earning a crust, well then I’m sure your dog would love to use this mat. We hope you found this article helpful in deciding whether or not this product is right for your dog! We would love to hear from you, so feel free to leave us a comment below.

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