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Are you looking for the best chew toys your pup will love? There are a lot of great chew toys out there, but Trio Pet Care‘s Chewer Champ is simply superior and all-natural. They have chew toys as well as dental chews for puppies. All the chew toys are carefully crafted to last for hours with your pets. Plus, all their products are designed to keep your pet just as busy and happy in-between playtimes (because we know your pooch deserves a break from those squeaky rubber toys).


Maybe you’re a dog person and want to treat your dog to the best dog toys on the market. Or perhaps you know a particular person who absolutely adores their pup. Either way, we have the perfect dog gift for all dog or dog parents.

We all love our pets, but frankly, we get sick of them destroying all of their toys after five minutes of chewing and playing.

Too many trips to the store and too many poor-quality purchases online, and what happens? We lose time, we lose money – but most importantly, we know that our pets still aren’t getting the quality they deserve! (after all, our dogs are our best friends.)

Trio Pet Care’s Dog Chewer Champ keeps dogs (and their owners) happy and satisfied. It does this by sending a subscription box specifically built for durability, quality, and engagement. Chewer Champ is serious about durability and quality. It offers a guarantee on all of its products. 

Each box is filled with 2-3 amazing, highly durable toys curated specifically for your dog. You can even customize the materials of the toys you receive on a monthly basis. Chewer Champ  also sends 3 treats in every box that are healthy and tie into the monthly theme.


If you’re looking for something to help keep your dog busy and away from your belongings, consider chew toys & Treats like the Chewer Champ. Trio Pet Care ensures premium products something which every pet owner should try.

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