Trio Summer Surprise 2022

Image of Trio summer surprise from trio pet care

Dubai is known for its cultural, traditional and festival events. The Dubai Summer Surprise (DSS) is a unique gathering of people from diverse groups to celebrate their cultures, cuisine habits, and dancing traditions. Those who celebrate it with great enthusiasm are really having fun.

What is Trio Summer Surprise?

To commemorate the festival’s extraordinary achievement, DSS is celebrating its 25th anniversary with outstanding events. From July 1 to September 4, it will be held. Dubai Summer Surprises offers exciting discounts on a variety of pet products and services as well every year over different online shopping websites. Trio Summer Surprise offer happening on includes Dog Products, Cat products, Bird Products, Small Pet Products & Fish Products. 

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Get 20% OFF Your First Purchase, the exciting part is there will not be any terms and conditions. All these offers you can enjoy during the summertime in Dubai. With this exciting deal, the Trio Summer Surprises festival adds a festive spirit to the summer season. Check out these Trio Summer Surprises offers on . What are you waiting for?


The Dubai Summer Surprise event is a platform for people to come together and experience all that the city has to offer. It is definitely one of the best experiences you can have in Dubai. So, go ahead and attend if you get a chance and you will not be disappointed. On this DSS grab this Trio Summer Surprise Offer also from Trio Pet Care and let your pet be happy this summer.