The best surprise box for any kind of dog

What’s In This Dog Surprise Box

Our Dog Surprise Box is full of treats, toys and accessories for your pup. Each month’s box will contain a unique combination of products, which may vary from the images shown. Boxes are curated by weight and theme, so all items fit in impeccably!

Who’s This Box For?

Dog Surprise box is a subscription service that sends toys and treats to your dog each month. The box is designed to appeal to dogs and their owners, with durable and fun-themed toys that will delight the whole family. Your dog will also love the healthy treats they receive each month. Both the toys and treats are unique to Dog Surprise Box, and you can start your subscription at either the standard or deluxe level.


  • These Boxes can be customized according to your wish
  • Affordable compared to what you might spend at the store every month
  • For dog owners who want to spoil their dogs with healthy yet delicious treats and unique toys every month


  • Only sends toys and treats
  • Only available on the Trio Pet Care website

 Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Dog Surprise box

Once you’ve decided on the right box for you, take a look at our tips to help make sure your subscription is the best it can be.

  • The first thing you should do is make sure your pup will be able to use every item that came in its package – if possible, by testing the toys out yourself or by letting them try the big chewers
  • If you order a subscription from the company, give them feedback about the food your dog liked or didn’t like and whether or not you want more shipments.

Considered these factors when reviewing dog subscription boxes.

This list features our Dog surprise Box, and we can confidently recommend the subscriptions above since we’ve researched and reviewed them all. We considered several factors when reviewing these subscriptions including:

Price: is the price reasonable compared to what you’re getting, and will you find better deals online or at a store?

Inclusivity: Is this box made for every type of dog? It includes toys and treats to keep your pooch playing with his favorite toy for hours. If your dog is a super chewer or has health issues, there’s a box out there to suit him too.

Product: What kinds of products do you get in your boxes? Are you content with only getting toys or snacks, or a mix of both? Or would you prefer a wider variety of products?