Taste of the Wild Dog Food Review 2023: Pros & Cons

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Taste of the Wild is dedicated to providing your dog with wholesome nutrition that is derived from top-quality ingredients. In fact, the Taste of the Wild’s special formula includes the use of over 20 different proteins and oils derived solely from poultry, fish, or grass-fed bison. This effort is meant to mimic a dog’s ancestral diet and promote optimal health.

Taste of the Wild Dog Food Reviewed

Taste of the Wild knows how to appeal to pet owners. Their product labels feature wild canines hunting their prey, making it easy for doting owners to imagine their dogs living their best lives after switching over to this dog food.

But does Taste of the Wild’s dog food line actually live up to first impressions? We can find out from this blog.

An Overview of the Best Taste of the Wild Dog Food Product:

Though we invite you to check out some of the Taste of the Wild dog food products, which you can find on the Trio Pet Care’s website, here are a few of the best formulas currently on offer:

Pacific Stream Canine Recipe with Smoked Salmon

This recipe gets all its animal protein from fish, which means that it’s rich in omega fatty acids that help keep skin healthy and fur smooth and shiny. The sustainably sourced, smoked salmon taste will satisfy any dog’s inner wolf while meticulously selected ingredients provide the ideal nutrient levels for the overall health and vitality of adult dogs.

Ancient Prairie Canine recipe-dog

This recipe contains a unique combination of pasture-raised bison and venison, as well as ancient grains. It also contains antioxidants for immune support and more.

Ancient Stream canine recipe

This recipe is rich in omega fatty acids for healthy skin and a shiny coat and features sustainably sourced salmon as its number one ingredient. It also uses nutrient-dense ancient grains.

Southwest Canyon Canine Recipe with Wild Boar

Wild boar offers a truly unique taste, making this recipe perfect for dogs who crave something different. In addition, nutrient-rich legumes and fruits like peas, garbanzo beans, blueberries, and raspberries provide antioxidants for overall health and vitality.


High Prairie Puppy Recipe with Roasted Bison & Roasted Venison

Unique flavors from smoked salmon, vegetables, legumes, and fruits in a small kibble size make it easy for puppies to enjoy the nutrients they need for overall vitality. This formula is great for pregnant or nursing mothers and other adult dogs as well.


Does Taste of the Wild Dog Food Work For Every Breed?

If you and your dog enjoy wholesome, hearty food, Taste of the Wild might be a great brand to check out. This company offers specialized formulas for puppies and small breeds as well as a limited product range.

Because Taste of the Wild is part of a small company, especially when compared to industry giants like Purina or Pedigree, many owners prefer supporting the brand with their hard-earned money.

Of course, your dog doesn’t care where their food comes from as long as it tastes good!


After reviewing the Taste of the Wild brand and its most popular dog food formulas, it’s clear that this brand hits some marks while falling short in others. Taste of the Wild dog food has managed to create formulas that fit the specific nutritional needs of dogs. For example, if your dog needs extra carbs in his diet in order to maintain a certain weight, then Taste of the Wild has you covered. If you want your dog’s food to be low in carbs, then again, Taste of the Wild caters to your needs. Pet owners will find it hard to scroll through their product list and not find their pet’s favorite flavor and main nutritional component represented in some way.


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