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Cateco Cat Litter Box Complete Starter Kit with Height Extension, 10 Dry-Pads and Scoop (Blue)

AED 299
Odor control cat litter box: eliminate kitty litter odors to make your house smell like home again Cateco Complete Starter Kit with a litter box and 6-inch height extension to prevent odors and mess Kitty litter box complete with 10 Dry-Pads and scoop for a longer gap between litter tray cleaning Tall cat litter box prevents litter scattering and mess; change the Dry-Pad every 3-4 days if soiled
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Cateco Aerator Replacement Mesh Pack for Cat Litter Box – Pack of 2

AED 37
Specifically designed for the Cateco Litter Box Made from durable, puncture-proof nylon mesh Allows air circulation into the litter box to naturally eliminate the humid environment necessary for bacteria growth
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Cateco Dry Pad Replacement for Cat Litter Box – Pack of 10

AED 27
Dry-Pads are designed to fit inside the lower section of your Cateco cat litter box and are ultra-absorbent. Any unabsorbed liquids from the top section of the litter box drip through the tear- and puncture-proof Aerator Mesh where they’re absorbed. The Dry-Pads should be changed every 3-4 days if soiled, unlike other cat litter tray liners that should be changed daily.
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