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Acana – Adult Large Breed -11.4kg

AED 361
Large-breed dogs has the same anatomy as their wild cousin, the grey wolf, and therefore has the same biologically need
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Acana – Singles Formula Yorkshire Pork Dry Dog Food – 2 Kg

AED 110
Acana - Singles Formula Yorkshire Pork Dry Dog Food - 2 Kg For Diet-Sensitive Dogs Of All Breeds And Life Stages Features
  • 50% Yorkshire Pork | 31% Protein
  • 1/2 Fresh Or Raw Pork | Loaded With Natural Goodness
  • Wholeprey | Superfood For Dogs
  • Freeze-Dry Infused | Natural Pork Flavour
  • Carbohydrate-Limited | Peak Physical Conditioning
  • Whole Fruits, Vegetables, Botanicals | Fresh & Local
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Acana – Dog Wild Coast

AED 104
Acana Wild Coast is a complete and balanced food for dogs of all breeds and life stages. It is made with fresh, wild-caught fish, whole grains, and fruits and vegetables. Acana Wild Coast is a high-protein, low-carbohydrate food that is designed to meet the nutritional needs of dogs.
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Acana – Puppy Large Breed Recipe Dry Dog Food

AED 379
Acana Puppy Large Breed is a nutrient-packed dog food specially formulated for the unique needs of growing puppies of large breeds (expected adult weight of 55 lbs or more). This grain-free recipe is bursting with fresh, high-quality animal ingredients to support healthy development, strong muscles, and a vibrant immune system.
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Acana – Adult Small Breed Recipe Dry Dog Food – 2 Kg

AED 110
ACANA Adult Small Breed is loaded with free-run chicken, wild-caught flounder and whole nest-laid eggs, so they're brimming with goodness and taste. Free of grains and fast carbohydrates such as rice, tapioca or potato, ACANA is rich in meat proteins to promote your dog's peak health and conditioning. Made with 60% of chicken, fish, and eggs, Acana Small Breed matches your dog's evolutionary adaptation to a meat & protein rich diet.
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Acana – Pacifica All Life Stages Dry Cat Food

AED 253
Acana Pacifica Cat & Kitten is loaded with 100% wild-caught fish, including herring, flounder and pacific hake that are caught off North Vancouver Island. Grain-and-potato-free to reduce unwanted carbohydrates, ACANA instead features fruits and vegetables delivered fresh and whole from Canada's sun-drenched orchards and black prairie soils.
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Acana – Adult Recipe Dry Dog Food – 2 Kg

AED 109
FOR ALL BREEDS AND LIFE STAGES Ingredients: Fresh chicken meat (11%), chicken meal (10%), turkey meal (10%), red lentils, whole green
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Acana – Dog Prairie Poultry – 9.7Kg

AED 306
This Acana formula with chicken features the meat from the full chicken including meat, organs and cartilage to supply nutrients
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Acana – Indoor Entree Adult Dry Cat Food

AED 109AED 169
Your indoor kitty wants and as an obligate carnivore, needs a meat-based food like ACANA Indoor Entree Adult Dry Cat Food. With 65% nutrient-dense, quality animal ingredients such as turkey, whole herring, and rabbit sourced from a curated group of farmers, this award-winning recipe is sure to please even the pickiest of eaters. Product Features: - With balanced Omega Fatty Acids that helps support healthy skin & a shiny coat - Balanced calories from protein and fat, plus naturally occurring L-carnitine, help maintain a healthy body weight - High-quality protein helps build strong muscles - 65% small prey animal ingredients - 1/3 fresh or raw poultry & fish
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Acana – Puppy & Junior Medium

AED 227
Acana - Puppy & Junior dry dog food is a high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet that is designed to help small and medium-breed puppies develop properly. This food is made with three premium animal protein sources: free-range chicken, Pacific salmon, and Canadian eggs. It also contains a variety of fruits and vegetables, as well as shredded oats and rice.
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Acana – Puppy Small Breed – 2kg

AED 109
Acana - Puppy Small Breed is a grain-free, high-protein dog food designed for puppies weighing up to 9 kgs at maturity. It is made with fresh whole meats, including free-run chicken, wild-caught flounder, and whole nest-laid eggs. These ingredients provide your puppy with the nutrients they need to support their rapid physical development.
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Acana – Sport & Agility

AED 373


  • 75% Meat | Loaded With Protein 
  • 1/3 Fresh Or Raw Meat | 2/3 Dried Meat 
  • 3 Fresh Meats | Locally Sourced 
  • Wholeprey™ | Superfood For Dogs, Only Zinc Added 
  • Freeze-Dry Infused | Intense Natural Flavour 
  • Carbohydrate-Limited & Low Glycemic (Gl 3) | Slow Release Energy 
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