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Eye Gel Dog/Cat (Vit.A) 5ml

AED 33
Eye Gel contains Vitamin A, which helps vitalize and moisturize the eyes and connective tissues. It also helps relieve irritation to the eyes. Apply small amount in and around the eyes.
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Oral Syringe 10 ml

AED 14
● Suitable for all pets ● Clear marking for accurate dosage
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Ear Cleaner 118 ml

AED 28
 Keeps dog ears clean and healthy Neutralize unpleasant odors
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Eye Care Lotion 118ml

AED 33
M-Pets Eye Care Lotion is recommended to soothe irritations caused by dust or dirt, etc. Regular use helps to prevent
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CL-Ear Cleanser (100ml)

AED 45
Deep cleansing ear treatment with calming aroma. Non-irritating cleanser with antimicrobial activity. The unique formulation of CL-Ear Cleanser with glycotechnology provides non adhesive properties to prevent bacterial and fungal attachment. It also eliminates bad odor of ear canal with its anti-odor technology.
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Kerolytic Shampoo (200ml)

AED 40
A unique antiseborrheic and keratolytic formulation that removes scales, crusts and excessive oil associated with keratoseborrheic disorders (oleosa or sicca) in dogs, cats and horses. This product helps to regulate the keratinisation process and sebum production to improve skin health
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Sanditan Enzyme Ear Cleanser (50ml)

AED 83
SanDitan Ear Cleanser is an ear cleansing and care product for dogs and cats. The dermatologically harmonised ingredients complement each other in their effects.
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Veyfo Enzyplex (50 capsules)

AED 386
Veyfo Enzyplex supports the nutritional recovery of the immune defense system and thus enhances convalescence of the animal (eg. In case of inflammations, after surgery, and when suffering from tumors)
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