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Dry Cooling Vest Dog

AED 434AED 477
Use this comfortable and easy-to-refill DRY® Cooling Vest to keep your dog cool. When filled with fresh water, the vest will immediately begin cooling up to 15 C / 59 F below ambient air temperature for one to three days. In addition to humidity and airflow, evaporation is responsible for cooling. Avoid heat stress for your dog! If you need to cool off while walking (in the sun) or whenever you need to cool down. Aside from being recommended by veterinarians, the vest is 100% DRY, ready within minutes, does not require refilling, will keep for 1-3 days without refilling, is refillable up to 800 times, is machine washable and comes in 5 sizes.
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Canagan – Free Range Chicken Small Breed Dogs

AED 114
Designed to closely imitate the kind of diet that dogs would eat if they still lived in the wild, Canagan Small Breed
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