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Voyager Carrier

AED 347
Exclusive features include: Poo Bag holder/dispenser Redefined pockets for toys, water or treats No Escape locking zippers Airline compatible Superior ventilation Washable fleece travel bed Seat-Belt Loop secures the carrier in the car
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Bergan Wheeled Comfort Carrier

AED 429
Features: Large ? up to 22 lbs Black with tan interior Fleece washable bed Pull strap Airline compliant
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Chill Out Splash & Fun Dog Pool

AED 212AED 435
This splash & fun dog pool is cool for fun in hot days, made of extra tough PVC for lasting use. The pool folds down completely for easy storage. Besides, It is portable and easy to fill and empty. Anti-slippery bottom is quite important for dogs safety.  
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All for Paws Chill Out Always Cool Dog Mat

AED 74AED 166
Special cooling gel inner lining keeps the mat surface cold even in hot summer. What you only need to do is simply let the dog lay on the cooling pad and watch his temperature decrease.  
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All For Paws – Chill Out Cooler Bowl

AED 37AED 42
Place in freezer, once frozen this bowl will allow hours of cool eating. The cool gel inside maintains the ice longer, keeping dogs food cool and fresh. Features:
  • Cool gel inside
  • Safe and non-toxic
Medium Size (cm): L 15 x W 15 x H 15 Large Size (cm): L 20 x W 20 x H 20
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All for Paws Chill Out Garden Fountain

AED 90
Your dog has unlimited access to cold water with this fountain when the dog presses the pedal with his paw. Easy to connect to the garden hose and provided with a anti-slip surface. One push on the pedal and your dog has fresh water. Easy to control. Cools your dog down and provides water fun on hot days.
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Chill Out – Sprinkler Fun Mat

AED 117
Goes up to 1m High with the recommended water pressure.
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Light Collar

AED 35AED 42
Safety comes first with k-nite light collar. With this light collar your dog will always be seen from far away.  
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Light Up Pendant

AED 22
Safety comes first with K-Nite glowing pendent. With this light collar your dog will always be seen from far away.  
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Dog Love Bowl

AED 20AED 50
Food or water bowl for dogs in great new bone and heart design. Extra heavy bowl with slip-grade soil - the cup is absolutely tight and secure.  
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Outdoor Dog Shoes

AED 124AED 155
This green all road boots is suitable for durability and outdoor walking and running. With weather-resistant upper, don't have to worry about the terrible weather outside. Besides, the reliable, intuitive hook and loop cinch strap on it are exactly what you are hunting for.  
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All for Paws – Easy Go Pet Crate

AED 299AED 411
  • Light and easy to assemble.
  • Strong construction keeps your pet safe.
  • Create a cozy space for your pet to relax.
Medium 66 x 45 x 45 cm Large 82 x 59 x 59 cm XL 97 x 66 x 66 cm
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Whether you are staying home or travelling, we provide all the accessories you need to simplify your life. We stock a wide range of beds, mats, and pet carriers; as well as collars, tags, and even cooling vests.