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Diagnos Ear Cleaner 50ml

AED 30
Ear Cleaner has been specially formulated to clean the outer ears of cats and dogs and to gently dissolve any built-up wax. Too much earwax can cause irritation and infection. However, regular use of this ear cleaner will help prevent such problems. Apply ear cleaner to outer ear.
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Bio Collar – Dog

AED 19
The Bio Collar cares for your pet using natural oils. After fitting the collar, these oils will spread over the skin and through your pet's coat. Continuous use of the collar ensures a fresh and hygienic effect.
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Canishield Flea & Tick Collar (Deltamethrin) – Large Dogs

AED 92 or AED 83 / month
Beaphar Canishield 0.77g (deltamethrin) collar for large dogs
  • Kills ticks 6 months
  • Kills fleas for 16 weeks
  • Kills and repels sand flies for 5.5 months
The strap has a length of 48cm and is suitable for dogs from 7 weeks. The band is odorless and easy to apply. Do not use on cats.
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Canishield Flea & Tick Collar (Deltamethrin) – Small & Medium Dogs

AED 84 or AED 76 / month
Beaphar Canishield 0.77g (deltamethrin) collar for small and medium dogs
  • Kills ticks 6 months
  • Kills fleas for 16 weeks
  • Kills and repels sand flies for 5.5 months
The strap has a length of 48cm and is suitable for dogs from 7 weeks. The band is odorless and easy to apply. Do not use on cats.
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Calming Collar for Dog

AED 30 or AED 27 / month
Calming Collar for dogs effectively reduces problem behavior arising from stressful situations in dogs of all breeds, sizes and ages. Safe and natural ingredients that are slowly released over a period of 3-4 weeks it leaves dogs feeling calm, settled and relaxed, reducing potentially destructive problem behaviour. Keeping dogs calm will help to prevent excessive barking, chewing, inappropriate urination and can be essential in dogs that suffer separation anxiety. Beaphar Calming Collar for dogs contains Valerian and Lavender, which are often used in human health care to manage stress and anxiety.
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AED 137AED 147
Feature: 35? long Weather & water resistant Comfortable cushioned ski handle Colors: Blue, black & red Single & dual leash styles available 75-200 lbs maximum weight
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Voyager Carrier

AED 394
Exclusive features include: Poo Bag holder/dispenser Redefined pockets for toys, water or treats No Escape locking zippers Airline compatible Superior ventilation Washable fleece travel bed Seat-Belt Loop secures the carrier in the car
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Bergan Wheeled Comfort Carrier

AED 342
Features: Large ? up to 22 lbs Black with tan interior Fleece washable bed Pull strap Airline compliant
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Chill Out Splash & Fun Dog Pool

AED 212AED 435
This splash & fun dog pool is cool for fun in hot days, made of extra tough PVC for lasting use. The pool folds down completely for easy storage. Besides, It is portable and easy to fill and empty. Anti-slippery bottom is quite important for dogs safety.  
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All for Paws Chill Out Always Cool Dog Mat

AED 74AED 166
Special cooling gel inner lining keeps the mat surface cold even in hot summer. What you only need to do is simply let the dog lay on the cooling pad and watch his temperature decrease.  
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Chill Out Cooler Bowl

AED 37AED 42
Place in freezer, once frozen this bowl will allow hours of cool eating. The cool gel inside maintains the ice longer, keeping dogs food cool and fresh.  
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All for Paws Chill Out Garden Fountain

AED 90
Your dog has unlimited access to cold water with this fountain when the dog presses the pedal with his paw. Easy to connect to the garden hose and provided with a anti-slip surface. One push on the pedal and your dog has fresh water. Easy to control. Cools your dog down and provides water fun on hot days.
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A healthy, cared-for dog is a happy dog. Whether you are the proud parent of a cute little Chihuahua or a dapper Doberman (or any dog breed in between), we understand the bond you have with your dog.
Trio Pet Care is here to ensure that you and your dog get to enjoy years and years of wagging tails, fun walks, and devoted companionship.
Our range of nutritional, grooming, and playtime products will ensure that your dog has his day, every day!
Puppies’ nutritional needs differ from those of an adult dog. Select a product from our range of high-quality food brands, that is best suited for your puppy’s age and breed.
Avoid, as far as possible, feeding your dog human food. Several human foods are toxic to dogs and can seriously impact their health. These include chocolate, onions, avocados, caffeine, and xylitol (an artificial sweetener). Feeding your dog human food can also result in obesity and vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Not to mention the fact that they may become fussy eaters. There are instances when your vet may recommend feeding your dog foods from your kitchen or pantry, though.
If you want to ‘spoil’ or reward your dog, you will be excited to see our excellent array of tasty and healthy doggie treats.
Daily exercise is a wonderful way to spend quality time with your dog. The hustle and bustle of daily life can become quite stressful. What better way for you to unwind, than to spend some time outdoors, walking or running with your canine best friend? We stock leashes, harnesses, and fun toys that will enhance your exercise routine.