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Rouletties Catnip Cat 44.2g

AED 14
Rouletties Catnip are tasty, fun treats for a cat to enjoy.
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Catnip-Bits Cat (35g, 150g)

AED 16AED 37
Catnip Bits are delicious, healthy treats which are filled with catnip paste, making them irresistible for your cat. Adored by cats and packed in special conditioned pouches which are re-sealable to keep the treats especially fresh and tasty! Delicious and healthy.
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Catnip Leaves

AED 16
100% natural catnip. Drives cats wild with excitement
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Catnip Powder – 20G

AED 13
100% natural.Encourages play and exercise and it is a natural stimulant for cats
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Voskes Catnip Basket Ball

AED 25
Catnip Acacia Senegal
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Voskes Catnip Dumbbell

AED 25
Catnip Buds Silver Vine Stick Acacia Senegal
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Voskes Catnip Powder

AED 25
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