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Meowee Treat Ball – 75mm

AED 21
Treat ball toy that encourages playtime using your cat's natural instincts. Combines exercize with feeding to control your cat's weight.
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Interactive Cat Treat Dispenser

AED 37
The cat treat dispenser will reward the cat for trying to grab the feather toy.  
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Interactive Cat Treat Maze

AED 121
Many different ways to assemble the treat maze. It can be adjusted to the level of difficulty by adding pieces to it. It is the perfect smart toy for feline.  
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Cat Surprise Box

AED 173
Let us help you get your pet care started with our Surprise Box!
Make sure your fur babies are happy, healthy and full of life!
From food and treats to Interactive Toys and accessories, our Surprise box has it all!
Each image shown on this page is an example of a box from the Surprise Box Range. Every box will contain a unique combination of products, which may vary from the images shown.
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Rouletties Catnip Cat 44.2g

AED 12
Rouletties Catnip are tasty, fun treats for a cat to enjoy.
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Malt-Hearts Cat 50g

AED 17
Malthearts are delicious treats for cats with 20% malt. Adored by cats, these cat treats are packed in special conditioned pouches which are re-sealable to keep the treats especially fresh and tasty! A pressed treat made from milk-extracts in a pretty heart shape. The treats are coated by a special process in malt extract which adds to their palatability.
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Rouletties Mix Cat 152.6g

AED 30
Rouletties mix are tasty, fun treats for cats to enjoy.
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Rouletties Cheese Cat 44.2g

AED 12
Rouletties Cheese are tasty, fun treats for a cat to enjoy.
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Rouletties Shrimp Cat 44.2g

AED 12
Rouletties Shrimp are tasty, fun treats for a cat to enjoy
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AED 12
Made with 100% natural chicken With Added vitamins and minerals High in protein
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AED 18
Made with natural tuna High in protein Low in fat Grain free No artificial colours or flavours
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AED 15
Made with 100% natural chicken breast meat With catnip to excite & stimulate your cat High in protein Low in fat
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Shopping for cat treats has never been easier. We have selected only the best quality treats that will appeal to even the pickiest of palates. Cat treats range from tender treats of chicken or sushi to vitamin-enriched, crunchy biscuit bites. Treats should never comprise more than 10% of your cat’s daily calorie intake.