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Meowee Treat Ball – 75mm

AED 21
Treat ball toy that encourages playtime using your cat's natural instincts. Combines exercize with feeding to control your cat's weight.
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AED 27
Plastic LED ball Activated by motion Battery lasts approximately 6 months; not replaceable Color will vary.
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AED 125
Feature: Multiple configurations Keeps cat entertained to reduce unwanted scratching or clawing Ball included
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AED 83
Feature: Catnip & ball included Made in the U.S.A. BPA free
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AED 125
The whirling motion of the balls will continue to stimulate your cat to come back for more! Two tracks, two balls, and twice the feline fun. It also generates air currents to stimulate the euphoric aroma from catnip inserted into the center. This toy just might end a cat’s boredom forever!
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AED 42
Contents: One clear fillable ball Marbles Catnip pack Bell One motion activated light ball
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Interactive Hyper Fetch Tennis Balls- 6 pcs

AED 35
Those tennis ball are super bouncy, they are specially made for the hyper fetch toy.
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Flash Ball

AED 15
This flash ball is fun and entertaining for both pet parent and pet. It has flashing lights to provide both visual and textural stimulation. The lights flash when the toy is rolled or bounced and turn off automatically once play ends. Features:
  • Flashing lights inside
  • Automatic turn off
  • Durable TPR material
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Candy Ball

AED 14
Cat will jump at the chance to get her paws on this candy ball. It is filled with catnip and features tinkly bell inside that is sure to keep the feline occupied. Features:
  • Multi-sensory toy
  • Tinkly bell inside
  • Non-toxic
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AED 12
Our assortment of Turbo Ball Cat Toys provide hours of playful fun and exercise with cat toys that bounce, roll and twirl
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M-PETS Grow Cat Grass

AED 13
Reduces hairballs Easy to grow Full of essential vitamins
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