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Eye Gel Dog/Cat (Vit.A) 5ml

AED 29
Eye Gel contains Vitamin A, which helps vitalize and moisturize the eyes and connective tissues. It also helps relieve irritation to the eyes. Apply small amount in and around the eyes.
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Junior Paste – Cat / 100 g

AED 33 or subscribe and save up to 20%
Two pastes combined in one tube: Multi-Vitamin paste and Calcium paste help kittens grow up and become healthy, adult cats. Choose a purchase plan: Save 10% when you subscribe to our monthly offer. No Commitment. Pay monthly & cancel anytime! If you wish to customize your subscription recurrence (from monthly to anything else) please get in touch with our customer service team. We’re happy to help you.
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Beaphar – Top 10 Cat Multi-Vitamins 180 tab

AED 43
Top 10 is a food supplement for cats. It contains essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements that promote vitality and strengthen a cat's physical condition. Top 10 encourages the natural development of bones and teeth of young cats and ensures a glossy coat and bright eyes. It also contains taurine for a strong heart and good eyesight.
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Catnip-Bits Cat (35g, 150g)

AED 15AED 34
Catnip Bits are delicious, healthy treats which are filled with catnip paste, making them irresistible for your cat. Adored by cats and packed in special conditioned pouches which are re-sealable to keep the treats especially fresh and tasty! Delicious and healthy.
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Kittys Biotine for Kittens 150pcs

AED 23
Kittys Junior are natural yeast treats with added vitamins, minerals and trace elements. An irresistible delicacy for kittens.
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