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Acana – Pacifica All Life Stages Dry Cat Food

AED 253
Acana Pacifica Cat & Kitten is loaded with 100% wild-caught fish, including herring, flounder and pacific hake that are caught off North Vancouver Island. Grain-and-potato-free to reduce unwanted carbohydrates, ACANA instead features fruits and vegetables delivered fresh and whole from Canada's sun-drenched orchards and black prairie soils.
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Acana – Indoor Entree Adult Dry Cat Food

AED 109AED 169
Your indoor kitty wants and as an obligate carnivore, needs a meat-based food like ACANA Indoor Entree Adult Dry Cat Food. With 65% nutrient-dense, quality animal ingredients such as turkey, whole herring, and rabbit sourced from a curated group of farmers, this award-winning recipe is sure to please even the pickiest of eaters. Product Features: - With balanced Omega Fatty Acids that helps support healthy skin & a shiny coat - Balanced calories from protein and fat, plus naturally occurring L-carnitine, help maintain a healthy body weight - High-quality protein helps build strong muscles - 65% small prey animal ingredients - 1/3 fresh or raw poultry & fish
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