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Canada Litter

AED 38AED 123 or from AED 34AED 111 / month
Super absorption of 350% – is not aggressive for the cat and was designed to eliminate and control odours in the tray and to make it more pleasant for everyone around.
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Canada Litter Multi-Cat 18kg

AED 119 or AED 107 / month
Specially formulated to reduce odours in homes with multiples cats
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AED 132AED 215 or from AED 119AED 194 / month
10L - 4.3 KG 20L - 8.6 KG 40L - 17.2 KG 5L - 2.1 KG Clumping, functional cat litter Made from 100% natural wood fibres: directly from nature Extreme odour binding: naturally fragrnat, with no artificial additives (pure, natural product) Absorbs up to 7 times its own volume in moisture: first-class absorbency for dry paws and optimum binding Very economical: a whole tray lasts up to 7 weeks, more economical than standard cat litters 100% compostable and biodegradable: waste from your cat litter tray can simply be placed in the compost, whilst clumps can be removed from the tray and flushed down the toilet Sustainable & PEFC-certified: the wood fibres are produced from secondary raw materials, meaning no trees are felled Low in dust Gentle on the paws Easier to transport - up to 50% lighter than mineral litter
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Flamingo Cat Litter Baby Powder Scent

AED 47AED 97
A natural and pleasant baby powder scented clumping litter for cats from Flamingo, this litter is extremely fine and super-absorbent is very gentle on your cat\'s delicate paws. Made of bentonite with 350% super-absorbency, this litter ensures the urine is instantly bound in a solid lump, allowing no unpleasant odour. • 99% dust free • 350% absorption
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Cat’s Best Original Cat Litter 10lt +2lt FREE

AED 58 available on subscription
10L - 4.3 KG Product Key Up to 3 x higher absorption. Effective odor- binding. Compostable and 100% biodegradable. 100% pure organic fiber. Lightweight, easier to transport. Binds liquids and odors effectively inside the organic fiber. Gentle on your cat's paws.
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Flamingo Cat Litter Lavender Scent

AED 72 available on subscription
15 kg - lavender - 350% absorption capacity - odourless - 99% dust free - 100% bentonite
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Flamingo Cat Litter Lemongrass Scent

AED 59
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