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Vetafarm – Falcon Blud Tabs

AED 210
One product that stands out in the market is Vetafarm Falcon Blud Tabs. These specialized tablets are designed to provide essential nutrients and support the overall well-being of your falcon.
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Falcon Moulting Aid Powder Quail

AED 126
A quail flavoured vitamin, trace mineral and amino acid supplement to aid moulting in falcons. The moulting falcon requires extra
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Falcon Multivet Tabs

AED 221
Performance birds require high levels of vitamins for maximal muscle and organ function. Vitamin supplements should also be used when
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Falcon Polyaid Plus

AED 137
Poly Aid Plus saves lives! It is the original “First Aid in a Bottle” for falcons. Sick birds do not
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Falcon Recharge

AED 158
Recharge speeds recovery from hunting and prevents muscle damage. Recharge boosts muscle energy supplies while stopping muscle fatigue and cramping.
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Falcon Rehab Powder

AED 189
Rehab Powder aids in the recovery and rehabilitation of falcons following trauma or illness. This includes Bumblefoot, Jess or fighting
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Falcon Soluvet Powder Quail

AED 111
Quail flavoured powder for addition to food items. Supplies essential vitamins, salts and energy during times of exhaustion and dehydration
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Avian Calcivet 100ML

AED 96
Supports breeding birds and their young with essential calcium. Contains Vitamin D3 to maximize calcium absorption in the gut. Supports
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Falcon Liverpro – Quail powder

AED 147
Liver protection and rejuvenation Key Features: – Protects: concentrated milk thistle extract provides anti-inflammatory action and actively supports liver rejuvenation
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Avian Calcivet 250ML

AED 125
Please enable, see images in product master folder and put new tag for 2 months – DESCRIPTION – Key Features:
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Spark Liquid For All Animals 125ml

AED 81
Spark Liquid is a concentrated electrolyte and energy supplement for addition to drinking water. Key Features: Hydrates and supports pets
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Nectar Pellets 350g

AED 52
Completely balanced extruded pellet diet specifically designed to meet the particular dietary needs of loris and lorikeets. Key Features: Significantly
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Keep your pet bird healthy and happy, inside and out. We supply high-quality nutritional supplements for moulting and breeding birds, formulas and feeders for hand-rearing; as well as conditioning shampoos to keep your birds perfectly preened and ready for a selfie with you!