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Chewer Champ

Any pet parent understands the struggle of finding a chew toy that lasts! These chewers are important to keep pets entertained and stimulated. With TrioPetCare’s Chewer Champ, you get durable chewer toys, wet tugger toys, and dental chews that are very important for your pet’s overall health.

Great Groomer

Get your pet groomed from head to toe with TrioPetCare. Whether your pet needs a quick tidy session or an intense grooming session, our grooming kits have all the products you might need.

These boxes include everything from shampoos, wipes to scissors, combs and brushes, there’s something for every pet. Groom your pets to perfection from head to tail and leave them feeling good in no time.

Plush Puppy

TrioPetCare’s plush puppy box is supremely cute with Plush Toys, Chewer Toys, Treats and Treats Dispenser.

These cuddly companions are ideal for your furry friend and will keep your puppy active as they squeak, fall and tumble across the floor!

Why Our Boxes?

As pet owners ourselves, we know how much quality goes hand-in-hand with pet happiness.
So we took the liberty of picking only the best a pet can dream of so that you don’t have to!

All products that have been selected for our boxes come from brands who value pet happiness as much as we do,
so you can, rest assured, know that whatever you get is high-quality goodies that your pet will love!

Branded Products

Quality Assured

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