Palucco Cat Play Tower with plush and sisal

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The Palucco Cat Play Tower with plush and sisal is designed to bring to light the playful side of your cat. This play tower has multiple scratching posts, hanging toys, and a non-slip bottom cover for your kitty’s safety. It also includes a quality plush cover that makes it easy for you to clean.

Cat Play Tower

Cat Play Tower is a great way to provide your cat with a place to play and relax. Cats like to climb and perch on high places, which allows them to survey their territory while keeping an eye out for prey or predators. Cat Play Tower can provide this environment in the safety of your home, making it perfect for any feline that needs a place to call his own.

Cat Play Tower can also be used as a bed or place for cats to play. Some people prefer having their cats sleep on top of something rather than inside because it keeps them from rolling off onto the floor during the night! In addition, some felines enjoy sitting up high as they watch birds fly around outside through windows or doors; having access to their favorite spot on top of their condo allows them this luxury without risking injury from jumping down (and up!) each time they want something different done differently.

Multiple scratching posts

Scratching is a natural behavior that cats need to scratch. Cats scratch to mark territory and stretch their muscles. Scratching also helps them relieve stress, which is vital for felines of all ages.

The Palucco Cat Play Tower with plush and sisal has multiple scratching posts so your cat can get the most out of his or her day!

Hanging toys

You’ll also find toys to entice your cat. These include a cute toy and one ball inside them. The balls have non-slip bottoms to keep them from rolling too far away.

Non-slip bottom cover

The Palucci Cat Play Tower comes with a non-slip bottom cover, which is great for cats who like to scratch.

If your cat enjoys sinking their claws into surfaces and pulling itself up, this feature will make them feel right at home. The bottom cover also makes the tower easier for your cat to climb on and off of, so they can enjoy playing on top of it without worrying about slipping or sliding around when they’re trying to get down from the top!

The bottom cover works well as an extra layer of comfort during sleep time too – if you have a particularly active cat who likes moving around while sleeping (or even just lying still), this feature can help keep them feeling cozy in their bed!


Quality plush cover

  • Quality plush cover. This play tower is covered with high-quality plush that keeps your cat comfortable and happy.
  • Non-slip bottom cover. The tower’s bottom is covered with a non-slip material that prevents it from slipping when your kitty is jumping around on it.
  • Multiple scratching posts. Your cats can scratch their claws in several different places on this play tower, including the top perch and the sides of the base where they’re more likely to rub against other cats who are also playing with this toy!
  • Hanging toys: There are three hanging toys included in this package—a ball, a mouse, and a bell toy–so you can give your cat some variety when he plays with them! If one gets too damaged or dirty over time, just remove it from its hook and replace it with another one!

Designed to bring to light your cat’s playful side, scratching, climbing, sleeping, and exercising.

The Palucco Cat Play Tower is a multi-functional product that can be used to promote the playful side of your cat. The tower is designed to bring to light the playful side of your cat, scratching, climbing, sleeping, and exercising. Because it promotes activity in cats of all ages, this will provide you with many hours of fun watching them play!


Palucco Cat Play Tower is not just a table to place your toys, but it also helps prevent unwanted scratching. The top of this tower has non-slip silicone material that prevents your cat from falling or sliding off while they play. You can also place the tower in other parts of the house where you want them to play and rest after all their exercise from running around all day long!

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