Neo Muki Large Rodent Cage

Neo Muki Large Rodent Cage

Neo Muki Large Rodent Cage is a great cage for large rodents, with lots of features. A great option for those who are looking to keep a large rodent, this cage is made with high-quality plastic and can hold up to 2 Kg. It has a door to catch the small pet. The wire mesh allows air to circulate freely while keeping your pet safe from predators lurking nearby. The bottom of the cage has been coated in non-toxic paint that prevents rusting or corrosion. Finally, it comes in various colors, so you can choose one that fits your decor!

Technical information

Neo Muki Large Rodent Cage is made from plastic and non-toxic materials. It has a durable powder-coated finish and is easy to clean. The cage body measures 78x48x58cm, with an internal floor space of 73x42x55cm, which allows your pet room to move around freely and play safely. This large rodent cage weighs approximately 15 kg when fully assembled (excluding accessories).


Dimensions and weight

The Rodent Cage measures 78 inches long, 48 inches wide and 58 inches tall. It weighs a total of 8Kg when fully assembled, so it’s not the lightest item to move around the house. The cage itself is quite large for a rodent enclosure and its dimensions will accommodate most pet rats (or other small pets) comfortably.

Neo Muki Large Rodent Cage - GreyNeo Muki Large Rodent Cage - BlackNeo Muki Large Rodent Cage - Biege


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This is a great cage for large rodents, with lots of features.  The copper-colored metal grid is also very sturdy and easy to clean. The Muki Large Rodent Cage comes in 3 color variations: Beige, Black and grey. This means you can choose the one that matches your decor best! Made of natural pine wood, this product is made in Europe


The Neo Muki Large Rodent Cage is a great cage for large rodents, with lots of features. It has three doors that allow you to access your pet from different sides and even the top of the cage. The top door opens fully so you can easily reach inside to clean or feed your pet without worrying about them jumping out!

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