Let’s Find Out What’s Inside a Great Groomer Box

Hey! you’ve come to the right place. Whatever your pets’ needs, we can help you win their affection and loyalty! Through our range of products, from shampoos and wipes to scissors, combs and brushes, you can ensure your life is easier, less stressful and more fun for everyone. Now you don’t have to work as hard to get the best possible care for your pets. Packaging our products into ‘Great Groomer’ the box contains a selection of our most popular grooming products – guaranteed to keep them groomed every day!

Get a variety of products in this Great Groomer!

The Great Groomer is stuffed with exciting, high-quality products for dog and their owners. The Great  Groomer Box is a bundle to help keep your dog looking great and smelling so clean. It includes conditioning shampoo and grooming wipes, both of which are designed to remove dirt, reduce itching and dry skin and keep dog smells in check. 

You will get something from each of these categories: Shampoos & Scissors, Combs & Brush

This dog grooming kit has a lot to offer. You can buy either the shampoo or grooming wipes individually, but it’s cheaper if you buy them together in a bundle.


If you want to show your pet some love and make their life happier, healthier and more fulfilled, our Great Groomer can help you do that by delivering a selection of quality pet supplies right to your door. Our products are top quality and expert reviewed so you can trust that they’re best for your pet. With all the effort we put into finding the best products you’ll be getting great deals on as well as a constant stream of new, high-quality pet product options.


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