How to know when your cat has fleas?

Besides seeing a flea crawling across your cat’s skin here is a few other ways to spot if your cat has fleas and the dangers of them…

Chewing at their skin
Red irritated skin
Flea dirt (looks like black specs)
Hair Loss
Shaking their head
Chewing at their skin

The dangers of Fleas on cats

Anemia: Fleas can give cats anemia, they suck on their blood. Anemia can cause respiratory distress, pale gums, weakness, collapse, and even death in serious cases.

Flea-borne disease: Fleas can be a vector for multiple diseases that can make your cat extremely ill. Fleas can carry Haemobartonellosis, Babesia, Anaplasmosis, Lyme disease, and Ehrlichia. Not only can these diseases impact our cats, but many of them can be transmitted to humans as well.

Skin infections: Cats will often scratch and bite their fur to the point of causing sores or serious skin irritation.

Intestinal parasites: The parasite known as the tapeworm is acquired through the flea and can infect your cat once they’ve ingested an infected flea.

Itching: The itching that fleas cause can result in serious harm to your cat. Since the only defense against these critters is scratching and biting at their fur, your cat can cause great harm to their skin.