How to keep your small pet entertained with unique cages

Playing with your pet is important to ensure his health and happiness. They need to work out a lot, so give him the opportunity to play in different ways. A great way to do this is to provide your pet with a ball for playing fetch or a new toy! Your pet will love it! From this guide, you will get more information about the best cage for your rodent.


If you are looking for a way to make your pet cage more attractive? The Zolux Rody 3 Trio Rodent Cage range is an attractive, practical and safe enclosure that remains in the best of taste. This product range allows you to watch your mice, rats, hamsters or rabbits through their cage again and again. Each day, your pet can rediscover his cage thanks to wheels, tunnels, or flexible tubes. It comes in 3 different colors Zolux Rody 3 Trio Rodent Cage – Blue, Rody 3 Trio Rodent Cage Grenadine – Red, Zolux Rody 3 Trio Rodent Cage – Banana Yellow. The transparent design of the Rody.3 range allows small pet owners to see their rodents through the cage.


Taking a walk can also be enjoyable for them. Whether indoors or outdoors, the new environments will be discovered by your pet. A few tips before leaving:

  • Make sure you are aware of your home’s electrical wires. Your pet may be injured.
  • For rabbits and guinea pigs in particular, wearing a harness or leash will prevent the animal from running away.
  • Defining a specific area outside will allow him to roam without restriction. A rodent run/park is suitable for the whole family. It should be located in a shady, sheltered area. Don’t forget to provide him with food and water.




The Zolux Rody 3 Mini Rodent Cage is a transparent cage for your small pets. The metal bars allow your pet to climb, and the open design has enough ventilation to make sure they’re comfortable during hot summer days. This cage also includes a tunnel system that gives your pets a lot of space to play, exercise, and relax. It comes with metal grids suitable for small pets and in addition to this, it has two connecting modules that can be added if need be.

These cage stacks save space in your apartment. It also comes with a handle for easy carrying, a metal door on each level and an opening at the top to allow for easier pet catching. Available in 3 color variants Zolux Rody 3 Mini Rodent Cage – Banana Yellow, Zolux Rody 3 Mini Rodent Cage – Grenadine Red, Zolux Rody 3 Mini Rodent Cage – Blue



This guide will help you in finding the best cage for your rodent. In this guide, we have also included the best hamster wheels and chew toys. To help you out, we have provided some insider tips that you can use to enable a healthier and happier life for your pet.