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The Importance of Cat Trees

How to choose the Best Cat Tree 2022? Cat trees, toys, and scratchers are crucial for keeping a cat happy and healthy. This is especially important for indoor cats, who may become bored without the challenge, stimulation, and exercise of hunting for prey in the wild. From this blog know more about how to choose the best cat tree for your cat from trio pet care.

Do cats actually use cat trees? Why do Cats Need Cat Trees to Climb?

Yes, they use cat trees, Cats love to climb. They are essentially miniature predators and have a strong prey instinct. The ability to climb allows them to keep watch over their territory, whether that is the backyard or inside the house. Climbing also provides those escape options mentioned above, should a cat get chased by a larger animal. It also gives them access to vantage points that can help them see better at night, which is when cats are typically most active.

How to Choose the Best Cat Tree?

Choosing the right kind of cat tree for your cat can be tricky. If your cat tends to scale heights, even the best bed or cat tree may not be tall enough, while a cat who prefers to stay on the ground may have trouble navigating certain pieces of the cat tree. Following are some of the cat trees according to size and their features. 

Best Small or Medium Cat Trees

Small or medium cat trees are designed to give your furry friend a place of their very own, high off the ground.  Looking for a cat tree that provides a bit of extra space without taking up too much floor space? With two perches and a footprint no larger than a traditional end table, the M-Pets Cat Tree Taga Cat Tree can provide your fluffy feline with the room he needs to stretch out over multiple levels.

Best Large or Extra Large Cat Trees

The 71″ Forest Cat Tree F2096 Cat Tree & 77″ Forest Cat Tree-F2090 is the best-seller and an excellent choice for larger cats. This tall cat tree features up to multiple porches and multiple scratching posts. On the bottom of the base, there is a condo large enough to accommodate two adult cats, while the top perch provides space for many more.

Best Cat Trees With Scratchers & Toys

Most cat trees have scratching posts. Some have as many as 10! Scratching posts often serve as support pillars between the perches, like in the 57.5″ Jungle Rope Cat Tree (F824) Cat Tree, This 57.5″ cat tree is a perfect addition to your home, bringing fun and entertainment to your cats. It features an attractive new design that can accommodate multiple cats. The product is made from highly durable compressed wood covered with faux fur to keep your pets warm and cozy.


Cat trees come in a variety of different styles. Some trees are sleek and modern, while others are exceedingly complex with tunnels, scratching posts, and multiple levels. It all depends on what you and your cat are looking for. Read through our guide to help decide which type of cat tree would be right for you and your cats.

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