Go Pet Club Elevated Cooling Pet Cot Bed Review

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In the summer, pet owners are constantly seeking ways to keep their pets cool. The most effective approach to achieve this is by giving them a cool area to sleep in. One of the greatest on the market and made with your pet’s comfort in mind is the Go Pet Club Elevated Cooling Pet Cot Bed. During the summer, this bed offers a cozy and cool spot for your beloved pals to rest. Additionally, it has an elevated shape that facilitates air circulation, keeping your pet cooler and more comfortable.

It could be time to get your clever dog their own bed if they spend too much time on your sofa or in your favorite recliner, or if you see them getting a bit too near when it’s time to go to bed at night. According to research, individuals sleep better with their dog off the bed and in the same room as them rather than having them in the bed with them. A dog’s existence includes a lot of sleep, at times a lot. Your dog sleeps for between 12-14 hours every day on average. If it’s a puppy, they can require 18 -20 hours each day. Like dogs, dog beds come in a variety of sizes and forms. A decent one can be difficult to find. Like dogs, dog beds are a very private matter. When selecting a dog bed, there are a few things to take into account.

What are the Factors to consider in Dog Bed?

Elevated Dog Bed

The perfect cooling, breathable bed to ensure your pet has a restful night’s sleep! With four legs, a stand in the center, and an airy mesh covering this bed is both strong and lightweight. It gives your cat plenty of support while also having a cooling and refreshing effect.

Creates a Comforting Sleep Pattern

The pressure points on the hips and other joints might get painful from sleeping on the floor. As the elevation eases pressure on the joints and promotes a pain-free and satisfying sleep period, the bed is especially beneficial for pets with arthritis and joint issues.

Cooling Effect

This bed makes sure that your pet stays cool during those scorching summers with its breathable mesh and elevated construction, which allows the bed to be raised 7 inches off the ground!

Suitable for Large Dogs

So that you may sleep soundly at night, secure in the knowledge that your pet is cared for, the solid metal structure supports pets weighing up to 60 pounds.


The fabric is blended with 600D Oxford cloth throughout the mesh surface to increase its tensile strength and wear resistance. Metal makes up the bed’s supporting frame, keeping it stable and non-collapsible while still offering sufficient support for animals of all sizes.


In contrast to heavy, weighed-down beds that take up the majority of your luggage space while traveling, the lightweight and foldable design not only ensures that the bed is airy and breathable but also makes it incredibly easy to transfer from place to place. Additionally, it is the ideal bed to bring along on camping or hiking trips. All you need to do is put it up in a pleasant location, and you’re ready to go!

Easy to Clean

These mattresses aren’t composed of thick textiles, therefore they aren’t prone to get soiled easily. Before bringing the bed back inside the house, quickly hose off the sturdy canvas mesh and metal frame in an open area.


In conclusion, the Go Pet Club Elevated Cooling Pet Cot Bed will get your dog out of the hot sun and into the cooler, more comfortable side of the dog house. The cot bed allows your dog to lie down comfortably in a cooler environment. The cot bed is also easy to clean and can help your dog stay cool longer.

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