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Join our Family and become an Investor Partner in the Fastest Growing Pet Care Retailer in Dubai and the UAE. 

We are approaching our Glow Up Phase from Start Up and expanding our business from a highly successful Online E-commerce retailer to a Veterinary Clinic and Pet Grooming Salon.  

Launched in 2020, Trio Pet Care has grown exponentially and become a formidable player in the Pet Care industry in Dubai bringing our unique form of service to the UAE customer. 

Partner with us on our journey of growth and expansion to further service our clients in continuing to offer them an unmatched quality of service so you may realize investment gains that exceed your expectations. 

Trio Pet Care  

We Care! 

Business Overview

  • Registered February 2021
  • Consistently in the top 3 Online Retailers of the UAE
  • Annual Revenue growth of 200%
  • Customer data base growth of 200% year on year
  • Customer Subscription base of 10% and growing
  • 20% returning customer base
  • Low Company Overhead
  • Solid Supply Distribution Network

Products & Services Overview

  • Leading Online Pet Care Retailer – UAE region
  • Premium Pet Care Brands retailer
  • Delivery within UAE
  • Monthly Subscription offering
  • Points & Rewards offering
  • Strong online and Social Media presence
  • Veterinary Clinic – Expansion Phase
  • Pet Grooming Salon – Expansion

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