Guide to Maintain a Healthy Aquarium in 2022

A Guide to Maintain a Healthy Aquarium | Fish tank

Not only are aquariums visually pleasing, but they are also a great hobby that can provide hours of enjoyment and relaxation. Maintaining an aquarium is not as simple as filling it with water and adding fish. Taking care of an aquarium is the same as caring for any other pet. With the right knowledge, however, it can also be a de-stressing and enjoyable hobby. From this Guide find out how to maintain a healthy aquarium healthy.

1. Water Condition


Conditioning your water is an important step in increasing the quality of your aquarium. Untreated tap water contains chlorine and chloramine that will harm your fish. There are many products on the market that will filter out these harmful chemicals; filters out chlorine and chloramine. 


2. Lighting Set-Up


It’s important to keep your fish tank well-lit, but not too much. Light triggers algae development which can harm the health of your fish. We recommend keeping the tank away from direct sunlight and limiting light exposure to a maximum of 10 hours. A light simulator can also help you control light exposure digitally.


3. Monitor the feeding habits of your fish


Fish have feelings, too. Just like people, fish enjoy some personal time and space. Letting them have time to swim around freely can help lower stress levels and keep them healthy for a long time. Fish get stressed when fed too much which can result in indigestion. Feeding fish food to your fish 2-3 times a day in small portions would be best. This helps avoid overfeeding and food waste.

4. Keep fish medicine on hand


Keeping your aquarium clean is an ongoing process. You should clean and change out the water in your tank once every week. This helps to keep your tank clear of dirt as well as gives you a chance to vacuum any dirt which might have accumulated


5. Change your aquarium water regularly

To keep your aquarium at its optimum health we advise changing out 10% – 15% of the water in your tank, once a week. This is a good chance to vacuum dirt out as well. The gravel and plants don’t have to be included in the water change, but you might need to clean algae off the glass and rocks. Between your weekly water change, be sure to thoroughly rinse off any algae that are growing on your rocks.



Hopefully, the above guide has given you a rough idea of how you can take on the task of caring for an aquarium. We hope this guide helped you to get more information on how to maintain a healthy aquarium. Visit and get 20% off your first purchase don’t miss this opportunity. 

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