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Cats enjoy being in the highest position they can find. That area should ideally be near a window so they can look out or in the sun so they can curl up and have a warm snooze. Cats require a challenge because they are also created for climbing. Cat trees are an excellent approach to satisfy their natural needs and aspirations.

The fact that it was made especially for them is the finest part. This implies that they will use it more frequently than your couch to climb, scratch, and sleep there. However, cat trees are an investment and are not always inexpensive. This list includes a variety of cat trees that are suitable for any requirement and circumstance. I’ve found these top 10 cat trees after looking through hundreds of them.

Features of 87″ Cat Tree Climber with Swing F216

One of the biggest cat trees available and one of the tallest is this one. It is a more conventional cat tree, but it is excellent for cat owners who have several cats.

The Good:

With its numerous platforms and five condos, the big size of this cat tree can fit many cats. There is undoubtedly a place where all the cats may congregate at once. Cats adore the wonderful view from the top of the two highest platforms.

The pillars are constructed of reinforced cardboard covered in sisal rope for scratching, and the platforms and main framework are made of pressed wood. The rest of the building is coated in a lovely, plush faux fur material.

The Bad:

Even though faux fur is a lot better than carpeted cat trees, it can still be torn out and leave a mess on the floor.

First of all, the swing doesn’t seem to be a particularly useful function. Second, it requires better support because it can’t hold much weight. The hooks could be dangerous for cats as well.

The assembly can take much longer than with other trees due to the size and number of parts, but it’s not particularly challenging.

The Bottom Line:

Due to its size and abundance of spots for cats to hang out, this cat tree stands out. Although more pricey, it is still a fantastic alternative for people who own several cats.


  • massive size
  • Various styles of lounge areas
  • Posts made of sisal
  • reasonably robust construction
  • fantastic for many kitties
  • Soft faux fur is used.


  • Faux fur can come apart.
  • long meeting
  • The swing needs more assistance.


If you are looking for the perfect Cat Tree for your cats , the 87″ Cat Tree Climber with Swing F216 will be the perfect match. We hope this guide will help you to know more about this product before buying.

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