5 Best Fish Tanks Under 1500 AED from Trio Pet Care

Picture of 5 best fish tanks under 1500 AED from Trio Pet Care

If you are a pet lover, a home aquarium can be a great investment. Just like dogs and cats, fish also need proper care to live a healthy life. It is hence necessary for pet owners to understand how to maintain an aquarium at home. It will depend on how big the fish tank is. Let’s have a look at the 5 best fish tanks that you can buy under 1500 AED from Trio Pet Care.

Dymax IQ7 Mini Acrylic Aquarium – Yellow

Dymax IQ7 Mini Acrylic Aquarium is a stylish mini acrylic aquarium with a 4W LED light for marine and freshwater fishes. It comes with a crystal clear lid for maximum viewing pleasure and the pump and filter media are included. This would make a nice addition to your home or office. Aquarium dimensions: 36 x 22 x 25cm, Lid dimensions: 35 x 5 x 25cm

Juwel Primo 60 LED – Black

The new Juwel Primo 60 LED is the perfect entry into aquariums with extremely high technical standards. With LED lighting and efficient filtering, the Primo 60 liter is a well-equipped and modern starter aquarium. The Juwel Aquariums are unique in their design; different from all other brands, including the viewing windows that sit at the back of the tank. This provides a more natural view of your aquatic creatures, making them look more realistic and lifelike

Fluval Flex Aquarium – 34L

Fluval Flex Aquarium 34L offers an intelligent, fully integrated desktop design for seamless looks and easy usability. The technologically advanced filtration system is constructed with a multi-stage filtration process that is powerful and effective. In addition, this contemporary aquarium features brilliant LED lighting that enables the user to customize several settings via remote control.

Fluval Flex Aquarium – 57L

The Fluval Flex aquarium 57L with its distinctive curved front offers a contemporary aesthetic that brings a new look to the marine aquarium while maintaining Fluval’s high-performance filtration standards. A built-in mechanical filter provides efficient biological and mechanical filtration, while a powerful hang-on back filter and powerful multi-stage integrated water pump complete the flow system. This model also offers fine adjustable tuning as well as rheostat lighting control. 

Juwel Primo 110 LED – Black

The Juwel Primo 110 LED Aquarium provides a space for you to create an underwater world.  The all-around hinged front makes it easy to swap out decorative items like coral, treasure chests, and seaweed to customize your fish tank with elements that reflect your style. This eye-catching design is finished in black to fit perfectly into a bedroom, office, or living room, and its safety base frame keeps it positioned safely in and around your home. With precision-crafted technology that adds value and versatility, the Juwel Primo 110 is the ideal aquarium for anyone who wants a sensational showpiece in their home.


If you are looking for a fish tank that is beautiful and classic, having a budget of around 1500 AED, We hope these reviews will help you choose the 5 best fish tanks for your budget. Find more range of fish tanks at and get 20% off your first purchase don’t miss this opportunity

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